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Our Approach



If you can imagine travelling in a car together toward your destination.  The occupants in the car are you (the client), who is the passenger, and your counsellor (who will be the driver).  

While it may seem that the driver, who is the Counsellor, is in control and therefore maybe seen to navigate the road map and the journey in a way that is directive - this is not the case.


Your destination is autonomous to your hopes, your dreams, your goals and your desires that you hope to accomplish from your counselling journey.  

Your counsellor is the driver because someone has to facilitate and lead, and this is the same in the counselling room.  It is our intention and our perspective to view you (the client) as the expert of yourself.  We help create the opportunities to illuminate your potentiality and connect you with your own internal resourcing.

There are many routes we can take together toward your destination.  We will get there together, working side by side, looking for the best way forward to assist you in reaching your destination.

Working side by side requires a collaboration of insights, decision making, disucssion, exploration, with utilising the best therapeutic approach for your unique situation.


Eventually you will move from the passenger seat into the driver's seat, and this will be because you have been given the internal and external resources for you to drive on your own - a journey toward empowerment and a flourishing, hopeful future.  

The client-counsellor relationship will come to a close.

Your story will be a new beginning in pursuit of wellbeing (mauri ora).

Maria Broughton-Verney

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