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About Us


Bringing hope to Horowhenua since 1990

Our name reflects:

Our intention to provide an excellent service for the whole community.  We have created a
service that is accessible, inclusive and responsive to our community's needs.

Our Logo represents:

A seed of hope for those who feel like all ends are lost

  • The journey of the seed represents hope, the past is gone and a fresh start is in the air

  • Captures the moment of release for people. A letting go of past hindrances and thinking, and then experiencing freedom, hope and happiness as a result

  • Bright oranges, yellow, reds reflect the feeling of hope and happiness as a result of counselling

TE WHARE WHAI ORANGA ‘The house of pursuing wellbeing’

Our Mission

Healing the wounds of the broken hearted

Our Vision

To provide counselling and education based on Christian ethics and values, within the context of the caring relationship.  Change is encouraged and assisted in ways which confront barriers to personal growth, and may deepen an experience of God, and strengthen our community.

Our Strategy

To provide affordable and accessible services for:

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Adults

  • Youth

  • Children & Adolescence

  • Senior adults

Respecting Diversity
  • All cultures

  • Race

  • Colour

  • Disability

  • Ethnic groups

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Social Class

  • Age

  • Religion

  • Political Beliefs

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