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For 21 years the 'Christian Counselling Centre' had been serving the Horowhenua community with its excellent, professional team of counsellors and in that time have built up an impeccable reputation.

In 2012 it was time for a makeover!
Our new name reflects: Our intention to continue to provide an excellent service for the whole community. This is a crucial step to creating a service that is more accessible, inclusive and responsive to our community's needs.

Our new logo represents:
-A seed of hope for those who feel like all ends are lost
-The journey of the seed represents hope, the past is gone and a fresh start is in the air
-Captures the moment of release for people – a letting go of past hindrances and thinking, and then experiencing freedom, hope and happiness as a result 
-Bright oranges, yellow, reds reflect the feeling of hope and happiness as a result of counselling
Te Whare Whai Oranga –  ‘ the house of pursuing wellbeing’

 gift parcels - these cakes were given out to community services as a thank you for supporting us and helping their community to live well.


 -In a nutshell the service continued to serve the community with integrity and passion - lives were changed and hope restored.

We saved lives!  At least 4 people are alive today because of our expertise!

2014 Projects and Statistics

Service Use:

366 clients overall

  • 304 adults
  • 17 children
  • 29 youth
  • 17 over 60's

201 new contracts

1341 face to face counselling hours

186 free sessions

the average client attended 4 sessions

23% of our clients were Maori   (the Horowhenua population % is 20%)

221 females and 146 males - 40% of our clients were male


91 hours delivered to people over the age of 60

30% of our work delivered to families

9% of our work delivered to youth between the ages of 14 - 24

40% of our work is with vulnerable families and youth

93 hours delivered to couples

841 hours delivered to adult individuals attending for inter and intra personal issues

40 EAP clients attended via various workplace schemes

06 clients attended via PHO scheme

32 Justice Dept/Probation clients

24 hours of Professional Supervision were provided to local community workers.

Referrals of Note:  Self - 160;   family & friends - 52;   GP's - 23;  Justice - 32

Report from Board Chair (abridged)

I would like to start this report with a tribute to Wade Webby, the founder of Levin Christian Counselling Centre, who passed away last year. Wade epitomised in person the Trust's founding mission "healing the wounds of the broken hearted.'

On behalf of the Board, sincere thanks for your outstanding leadership Carol and to your loyal staff or their continued dedication and commitment to the cause which we know comes at personal costs.

thank you to those businesses that have entered in an ESP partnering arrangement with the Centre.

'Financial Sustainability' two big words.  Yes, there remains a funding gap - last year we provided a $178,000 service from the revenue of $163,000, a shortfall of $15,000.  Actions will continue to be taken to increase our revenue or cut costs, the latter of course we all know means a reduction in the essential preventative health services we provide to our community.  Efforts to provide new funding , increased collaboration and business partnerships will continue unabated.  the Board and staff will try our outmost to continue our services.

In 2015 we celebrate 25 years of existence. 25 years of sustainability. 25 years of delivering professional affordable counselling to those in need in our community.  We trust and put our hope in God to be with us for the next 25 years.

Robert Nicholson 

Report from the Practice Manager (abridged)

Sadly in August founder, mentor and friend Wade Webby passed away suddenly. Wade's calm presence will be sorely missed.

However, the people keep coming.  we keep providing hope and healing.  We look forward to the day when nobody in our community wakes up feeling alone or afraid!.  Our strongly unified staff and board continue to believe in a better way, a better life for those in our community struggling with emotional and mental health issues.  Our teams' care compassion and expertise are making a positive difference in people's lives.  It's an amazing thing engaging with people as they change and grow - the ripple effect for their families, social and work environments is truly remarkable.  we are a catalyst that sparks extraordinary results.

Due to our tenacity we have increased access to counselling care for people from hard to reach populations - that is, men and to Maori.  We offer effective early interventions and long term care.  As a result we help people avoid attendance at tertiary mental health services, we offer effective responses for different populations and ensure the most effective use of our resources.

Carol Parkinson (Practice Manager)

Report from the Staff Representative (abridged)


Our full Annual Report and completely independent audited Financial Reports are available on request.