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Meet our Staff

From left to right: Jenni Guet; Carol Parkinson, Gill Tousoon, Rob Nicholson (Chair); Moira McCall-Corlett, Ross Kerr, Vivienne Wolff, Beverley Page, Mahalia Hodges, Karl Palmer, Jean Russell.  Absent: Nancy Jones, Ken Blyton, Gillian Bell

Our qualified counsellors are experienced practitioners who have a minimum of a Diploma in Counselling. They are all members of a national association, undertake external supervision and attend at least 20 hours of professional development annually.We also employ trainee counsellors from Universities nationwide who are undertaking placement training hours.  Our students are a valuable asset adding their knowledge, life and study experiences to our team dynamics.

Carol Parkinson Practice Manager (MANZASW) 
Master of Social Work (First Class Honours)
BA Women’s Studies - Certificate in Supervision  

Keeping abreast of local social issues and our agency’s responses is an important part of our strategy so that we can remain at the leading edge of developing services to meet the community’s needs.
-Passionate about coming alongside to support people as they acquire the strength and skills to bring about change and growth in their lives.
-I love working with people who are striving to right injustices in their personal lives and their communities.
-I am concerned with being culturally aware in all my practices and respectful of other people’s worldviews and life stories.
-Co-directed retreats for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse 

Moira McCall-Corlett  (MNZCCA)
Diploma of Counselling
Dip of Ministry
Cert of Social Services
Certificate in Supervision

Has 7 adult children and 5 gorgeous mokopuna.
There is richness to be had in every life; you just have to find it!
“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance” 

-17 years’ experience in counselling
-Co-directed retreats for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse
-Prepared to be in for the long haul with clients
-Areas of interest – adult survivors of sexual abuse & violence; youth work

Also available for employee related assistance i.e. EAP and Vitea approved provider.


Jean Russell  (MNZAC)
Diploma of Counselling
Certificate in Supervision

Likes to work with a variety of issues and is prepared to tackle anything that comes along! Loves walking and dogs.  

-17 years’ experience in counselling
-Style of work – an eclectic approach designed to meet the need of the client but primarily works from a CBT perspective
-Areas of interest –  adult work both male and female & couple/ relationship   counselling.

Specialises in EAP work - i.e. employee workplace assistance schemes including      EAP and Vitea

Karl Palmer (MNZCCA)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 
Diploma of Counselling  

Enjoys helping clients uncover, recognise, cultivate and celebrate their ability to face daily challenges.
-client-centred; strength-based.
-Areas of interest: men’s mental health and emotional well-being   
"We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give" Winston Churchill.

Mahalia Hodges (NZAC provisional member)

Bachelor of Counselling & completed the Mauri Ora training

I enjoy working with and alongside people and making a positive difference. In three words I can sum up everything I have learnt in life "life goes on!"

Vivienne Wolff -   Bachelor of Counselling
Provisional member of NZAC

I am passionate about counselling and helping other to realise their potential in life and in their relationships.  The relationship we develop during counselling is paramount to the way I work.  I work with strengths in a holistic manner with respect and care in all areas including culture.   I work with adults, adolescents and children using various modalities to suit the client's needs and preference. 

Receptionist -    Gill Tousoon

Students (interns):

Jenni Guet - Diploma of Counselling (in progress) Weltec

Tim Saunders  Graduate Diploma in Counselling (in progress) Weltec

Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) Psychology

I am looking for a career in counselling where I can pursue my passion for helping others manage problems and create change. 

Meet our Board of Trustees:

Robert Nicholson  (Chair)  BNZ Business Partner

Ken Blyton                          Pastor Queen Street Chapel

Gillian Bell                          Speech Language Therapist

Jane Eyles                           Homemaker / Social Worker

Ross Kerr                             Lawyer at Coopers Law (retired)

Nancy Jones                        Teacher

Matthew Eder                      Funeral Director

Malcolm Russell                   Honorary Trustee since 2013

Beverley Page                      Treasurer - Diploma of Business Studies